Brigading Conceit at 'All I Know Is What's On The Internet', Photographers Gallery, London UK

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New comment poems for'Collusion, collision, illusion' Goethe in the Skyways, Minneapolis US

'Foraged Tokens'

E Pleuribus Umnumnumnum at Art Rotterdam, Upstream Gallery (upcoming), NL

Fleur de Lis - PVA formation & Google TOS at Strasbourg Biennale, Strasbourg FR

DullDream™ a neural network photo effect making images less significant, at Vienna Biennale (upcoming) AT

DullTech™ at 'Who Does What', Drugo More, Rijeka (upcoming) HR

Deep Within This Artifact Of Time, for 'ScreenSpaces', Nieuw Instituut, New York US

'Agency', Nome Gallery, Berlin DE

KeyNote for DutchCulture, Amsterdam NL

'My life is a joke', Interview on Kickstarter's Medium US

The Revolving Internet in Rhizome's Internet Athology

'Natural' Constructions, Circl Art ABNAMRO, Amsterdam NL at Contemporary Istanbul, Upstream Gallery TR in 'Berlin Zentrum der Netzkunst, Damals und Heute',, Berlin DE

Phantom Dance at 'Truth', Current Museum, NYC, US

Drehmoment (with Jonas Lund and TeamViewer), Kunsthall Göppingen, DE

The summoning of Groovin' Gary, Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin, DE


Fuzzy Club Mate

100.000 Followers For Everyone, FOAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands [solo]

Public reading of at 'Touching from a distance', Literaturhaus Berlin, DE

Open Codes, ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE


Bienne Festival of Photography, Bienne, Switzerland

From Zero to 2018, Upstream, Amsterdam, Netherlands


ISCP Mondriaan Fund residency Brooklyn, NY, US for Collecting Europe, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

Adversarial Protean, Project Probe, Arnhem, Netherlands [solo]

'Electronic Super Highway', Whitechapel London UK and MAAT, Lissabon, PT

Jennifer in Paradise


'The possibility of an Army' for Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

100.000 Followers for everyone

High Retention, Slow delivery!!, for Jeu de Paume Paris & HMKV Dortmund

Terms of Service

The Death of the URL

Contact Studio ;) resume ♥Upstream Gallery♥ Public Key Press (pdf folder) DullBrown™ DullTech™ DullDream™ European Classes DullDream™ v2 Wikipedia (edit pls) paradise tossed Balconium DullDawn Press ranked by Google ( yes DullAArt)